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We use cutting-edge sensors and proprietary algorithms to help maximize energy savings.

Why InstaHub

InstaHub removes the huge upfront cost of rewiring and leverages cutting edge sensors with the ability to capture actionable building analytics.


InstaHub focuses on simple installation requiring zero rewiring while reducing cost/risk for automating energy savings.


InstaHub increases accuracy for presence detection through proprietary algorithms and custom sensors.


InstaHub focuses on enhancing, rather than replacing, existing building infrastructure.

How It Works

Our snap-on sensor installs over a traditional toggle/rocker light switch without any rewiring. It literally flips your switch when others forget to. Little to no maintenance is required.

What People Are Saying

“This is useful in common spaces as well as individual spaces, since even the most sustainably-minded of us forget to turn the lights off when we leave a room.”

- Amy

“People often forget to turn out the lights and this device fixes that human error to save energy. It’s discrete enough that you don’t have to think about anything but it’s saving energy all the time.”

- Tina

“InstaHub's commitment to helping everyone save energy is very admirable because it has for sure been a key challenge in the past, present and foreseeably the future.”

- Thuc D.

“I believe that there is too much technology in the world for there to not be better ways to save energy and save the planet. I definitely see InstaHub as one of the trendsetters for startups to help current infrastructure help save energy and the world.”

- Ryan P.

“I am passionate about InstaHub’s mission because it emphasizes simplicity, sustainability, and quality. The team has solved an extremely complex problem with a device that is simple”

- Jemarc W.

“I think the technology itself offers an effective and long-term solution to avoiding energy waste, and one that can be easily implemented.”

- Bing L.

“I think it's pretty well accepted that people are wasteful with energy. However, just acknowledging this fact isn't enough to make a difference. I like that InstaHub is tackling this issue with innovative technology, accessibly. InstaHub is trying to make conserving energy effortless.”

- Danielle T.

“When sustainability is difficult, people tend to shy away from it. InstaHub makes it easy, and that is where progress in building efficiency will come from.”

- Dan D.

“Energy is arguably the most important commodity. Using energy more efficiently and eliminating energy waste will be a huge focus in the coming future and is a concept that must be dealt with.”

- William C.

“InstaHub creates such a simple solution to a problem that should have been addressed years ago.”

- Jake K.

“I believe in becoming a green society. We are directly hurting the environment and we can see that through climate change. Something as easy as turning a switch off is not being done. InstaHub focuses on solutions that enhances existing infrastructure, rather adding unnecessary waste through the process.”

- Teresa O.

“I am passionate about InstaHub's scalable approach for eliminating energy waste. I notice energy and resource being wasted on a daily basis: lights are turned on in an empty room everywhere.”

- Xuanwen H.

“It is widely known that we need to maintain our environment and reducing energy usage is extremely important for that. Despite years of rhetoric and awareness campaigns to get people to reduce their usage, we've seen that we don't like to change our habits. A social enterprise like InstaHub is what can make a genuinely significant reduction in energy usage because it can do so without needing people to be constantly conscious of their energy usage. ”

- Shyama D.

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