InstaHub Pilot Program

Try it and you will love it!

During a pilot with InstaHub, we provide a multitude of opportunities for businesses to understand their buildings and offices better with lower costs and faster results. Additionally, pilot projects help InstaHub further refine our algorithm to identify the numerous situations taking place in a business environment to provide valuable insights.

After auditing any viable space, we install our prototype in suitable places. Ideally, the pilot project should run for at least one month in rooms that are in constant use to make the data valid for further analysis. Collecting useful customer insight regarding space optimization and energy waste will give you a better picture of your resource usage. At the end of the Pilot, we come back to collect the prototype and present the insights we have in a clear and coherent manner, and eventually further steps are discussed.

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Schedule a Meeting

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the installation of our device and the desire location for the pilot. The meeting can take place either though video chat or on-site and is ultimately at the discretion of the customer.

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The next step is to audit any viable space to find the most ideal spots for the device. After this, we will begin the process of implementation and leave several units behind.

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Let it Run

The device will run for some time depending on the original agreed time and the quality.

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We present the insights that come form the collected data such as light intensity, occupancy, temperature, and humidity and discuss further steps.