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Giving you easier access to cutting-edge sensors and proprietary algorithms to help you maximize your energy savings.

InstaHub Snap-On

Why InstaHub

InstaHub bypasses the inconvenience of rewiring by using cutting-edge technology that captures your building's data to increase accuracy—one size does not fit all!

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InstaHub focuses on simple installation to make automated energy-saving available to everyone.

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InstaHub increases presence detection accuracy via proprietary algorithms and custom sensors.

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InstaHub focuses on enhancing, rather than replacing, existing building infrastructure.

How It Works

Snap-On Demonstration

Our snap-on sensor installs over any traditional toggle/rocker light switch without the hassle of rewiring—it literally flips your switch when others forget to. To top it all off, little to no maintenance is required.

• Cheaper

Reduces your installation costs up to 90%.

• Faster

Takes less than a minute to install.

• Greener

Enhances, rather than replaces, existing infrastructure.


By providing valuable insights into sustainability strategies, InstaHub helps businesses save money and energy on a budget.

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By making your home more energy-efficient, InstaHub can save you even more money to put into that college fund.

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